Customs Clearance

It is known that different countries have ports for the entry of goods, whether in air, sea or land ports, in which the goods entering these countries are examined and charges called customs duties are imposed on them, which are imposed on all goods and shipments except for certain exceptions depending on the circumstances. The owner of the goods or the agent needs to carry out the customs clearance process, which means submitting the required documents to facilitate import and export, and the owner or his agent is responsible for the goods during the examination and evaluation, and the payment of fees and receipt after the completion of the process. And all shipments, whether import or export, need to fulfill customs clearance procedures for each country. Customs clearance is an administrative procedure required to allow the entry or exit of certain goods to and from different countries, and this must be done by an approved customs broker, and this includes disclosure of information related to the imported or exported shipment as well as the parties involved in the process.